Hi I’m Talia and this is a little bit about me and my journey through the world of art and craft.

My main form of art is definitely ceramics which I have been working with for the past 32 years. Always creating different pieces and experimenting with different clays and techniques. I have participated in a variety of exhibitions in the past and am always looking out for opportunities to showcase my work. This is why I am using the best method to show my work to a wider audience, thereby making it easier for the public to understand and hopefully appreciate my work….Meanwhile, I have been working with a number of different materials which has given the ability to produce a number of diverse items, namely:


Decorating a plain wooden object using materials such as paper napkins, acrylic paint, varnish – just to mention a few.


My favourite medium is watercolour and I enjoy painting landscapes the most, but I also love experimenting with other methods such as acrylic pouring and abstract art.


I have been creating ceramic artworks for as long as i can remember and enjoy creating everything from bowls and dishes, to sculptures and wall pieces.


I create my own line of jewellery sometimes using ceramic beads that are hand-made by myself. Also, I combine different textured beads to create unique pieces. The collection includes ear rings, bracelets, and necklaces of various lengths.